Web Development

Title: Universal Flavours Co.

Quick design using template for Universal Flavours Company.

Title: Font Of Wisdom Version 2

Redesign of Font of Wisdom with different pages instead of blog like pages.

Title: Font Of Wisdom Version 1

Design of Font of Wisdom with a single page using Bootstrap.

Title: Zen Garden

Design of Zen Garden with CSS as the major key role.

Title: Resume W/O CSS

Design of Resume without CSS.

Title: Queen Elizabeth W/O CSS

Design of Queen Elizabeth story without CSS.

Title: jQuery Version 1

jQuery practice design with selection of items on the page.

Title: jQuery Version 2

jQuery practice design of a information card using IMVU group.

Title: jQuery Version 3

jQuery practice of empty fields submission.

Title: Simple Form

jQuery practice of simple form with validation of fields.

Title: BMR

Design of BMR with practice of CSS.

Title: Car Rental

Design of a random practice project using CSS and multipages.

Title: Card Game

jQuery practice of random card picking game.

Title: Randomized

jQuery practice of taking two separate field strings and putting them together.

Title: Togo Sandwich Shop

HTML and CSS quick design of an example of a shop menu.

KoKo Company

This website was created as a request from a friend of the family who have a company which sell items in Africa but does not have a website for it. He gave me a chance to design the website for him and this design is what came out of it. Universal Flavor Company is a small company which is still growing.

Font Of Wisdom v.2

Font of wisdom is have a preset test which I have to use bootstrap and CSS to play with the layout. This is the second version of the original font of wisdom design.

Font Of Wisdom v.1

This is the original Font of Wisdom text. It is a single page design which I use bootstrap to move items on the page.

Zen Garden

Resume Without Css

Queen Elizabeth W/O CSS

jQuery v.1

This project was created to _______

  • Language Used: HTML | CSS | jQuery
  • Link to the Site: Click Here

jQuery v.2

jQuery v.3

Simple Form


Car Rental

Card Game


Togo Shop