Content Management System

Title: Mayi Portfolio

Old Wordpress design of my portfolio.

Title: My DD Investments

Wordpress design of a simple investment firm.

Title: Life In Print

Drupal design of website Life in Print.

Title: Donkey Kong

Drupal Design of website Donkey Kong.

Title: Resident Evil

Drupal Design of website Resident Evil.

Title: Dark Siders

Wordpress design of website Dark Siders.

My Wild Life in Print Project

The goal in this project is to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of Drupal CMS site development combined with custom module writing skills by creating a Drupal CMS Photography website that uses a custom module to display and manage picture cost information.

Donkey Kong Project

Resident Evil Project

Darksiders Project

Mayi Old Wordpress

This project was a personal project that I took on while being an undergraduate at DePaul. I have used it as my portfolio to showcase part of what I have done in class. This portfolio is made through the free version of Wordpress.

  • Content Management Tool Used: Wordpress
  • Link to the Site: Click Here

MyDD Investments

This project was created as a team to come up with a fake site and give content to it. This project was done in Project Management Class and the goal of this project is to apply what we have learn from the class to the project. My team and I decided to use Agile to work the project in. We came up with time and cost layout of the project.

  • Content Management Tool Used: Wordpress
  • Link to the Site: Click Here