About Me

I am a User Experience / Interface designer. I always had eyes for designing and how items should function on a page since I was in my teen years. I meddled in graphic works and simple coding to pass the time. I started my journey at DePaul University not knowing I would be a designer. I chose the path of Chemistry for the first 2 years in hope to go into medecine but it did not agree with me. With the help from people at the Career center, I was placed where I belong and where my skills and mental thinking would best be challenge. As an Interactive and Social Media student, I was able to acquire front end development skills such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and much more; graphical skills such as photoshop, inDesign and illustrator; prototyping skills using myBalsamiq and Axure. I dived deeper into the my chosen field when I continued my studies as a Human Computer Interaction graduate student. I was able to practice more of my user experience/interface skills through team projects and delivering a successful projects each time. I am interested in applying my skills and gaining more skills in a place I would be happy to call home. I am a User Experience / Interface Designer.